Strength/Conditioning and Nutrition

Strength and Conditioning will definitely be a key to our success and we all need to put as much into getting our bodies in the best shape to play volleyball as we do into our practice time. 

Team CrossFit Class


If you have any questions about the conditioning you can visit Brian’s website at or contact Brian at

Nutrition Information Handout
Shoulder Stretches Handout
Summer Workout Handout: Brian wrote some workouts and gave a short equipment list.  If you have any questions about a workout out, let us know before you try it. 

*** Foods to take to tournaments****
Remember that during tournaments, your body will need fuel to perform at it’s best ability.  Sometimes you will not have time to eat a great meal, so here are some suggestions to bring along with you.
     1.  Zone bars (these have perfectly portioned protein, carbs, and fat to make a great snack, these are found at walmart, sams and almost any grocery store.  They also come in several flavors, so there should be one that everyone enjoys.)
     2.  Beef Jerky (great source of protein)
     3.  Sandwich meat (more great protein)
     4.  Cheese/yogurt/fruit/nuts
     5.  Tuna kits/tuna fish
     6.  Water

*****Foods to try and avoid****** 
1.  Crackers
     2.  Pretzels
     3.  Chips
     4.  Sports Drinks/Soft Drinks
     5.  Candy or anything with too much sugar
     6.  Anything that doesn’t contain protein